Current Project

We are working on the project with the team of our volunteers.


Total Volunteers

We currently have volunteers who have been working of several projects for 4 years


Future Plans

Our strategic goal is to ensure safe water in ....village by 2025.


Our Objectives

  • To promote a good learning environment through the renovation and construction of school infrastructure.
  • To provide financial and material support for poor students.
  • To provide food aid for the hunger stricken communities
  • To provide clean water and safe drinking water to poor and rural communities
  • To promote good agricultural practices through permaculture.


Total Projects


Total Volunteers

Our Projects

Starting from the year ......We have carried out several projects succesfully with trust and support from some donors

Our Key Features

To achieve the exhibited projects and raising the standard of living for poor and vulnerable communities in Malawi, the following is key to our operation


You can sponsor a full project and monitor its progress at a rate of your preference as a sponsor and we provide timely project progress report

Donate Amount

You can donate an amount to already ongoing projects by the team of our volunteers or donate for a planned upcoming project

Become a Volunteer

YOu can join our team of experts in social work who volunteer to work on the tangible projects that we come up with with respect to community development

Our Management Team

We have a management team that are experts in the filed of social work to ensure projects are oriented towards the predetermined goals

Testimonial from our Donors

We have worked with Such such donors since ...... and have visited our projects to appreciate the progress...